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It's dog on a lead day on July 14th. Are you a considerate dog walker?

It's dog on a lead day on July 14th. Are you a considerate dog walker?


July 14th is dog on a lead day created by Zoe Willingham from Best Behaviour Dog Training in Suffolk. It has been created to promote responsible dog ownership and respecting anxious and fearful dogs. 

One of the most exhausting things about walking your anxious or nervous dog is dealing with people who just don't get it. The friendly dog brigade can be really hard to deal with. Asking people to call their dog back can sometimes put them on the defensive. They don't want to feel there is something wrong with their dog. We don't want to stop their dogs having fun and we aren’t suggesting their dogs are awful. 

We just need space. 
We just like different things.

We wish everybody knew how to make life easier for our #dogsinyellow.

So that more dog lovers know exactly what to do if they spot a dog on a yellow lead. 

Are you a considerate dog owner?

Next time you see a dog on a yellow lead or in yellow please can you pop your dog on a lead?

It would mean the world to us.

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