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Why does your anxious dog need a collar?

Why does your anxious dog need a collar?

Dog collars are a common sight when you see dogs in public, but why are they really worn?

Is a dog collar more than just a decoration? 

When it comes to taking your dog out in public, it is a legal requirement. So at My Anxious Dog we have strong and comfortable yellow collar’s and they are all embroidered so they won’t ever fade.

The main legal requirement of a dog collar is that it needs identification, a pet ID tag. In accordance with the Control of Dogs Order 1992, this needs to include the name and full address of the dog’s owner. We have an awesome ID tag from Pawesome Pet Tags and yes it’s yellow!! Any responsible dog owner should always make sure their dog is wearing an ID tag. Failure to comply could land you a very hefty fine of up to £5000.

Our yellow pawesome dog tags are easy to attach and clean. It never chips, it is scratch proof, waterproof, lightweight and it doesn’t fade just like our collars! Meaning that your personal details are protected forever and will not fade should your dog go astray.

Why yellow? 

If you have an anxious or reactive dog then yellow is your go to colour. Yellow is a colour that grabs attention and denotes caution. It is the most visible colour, making it easy to spot, even at a distance. But it’s also a vibrant and warm colour that reflects the love, dedication and bond you share with your anxious dog. When your dog wears yellow, it's a clear visual sign that catches people’s eye.


Essential’s in every canine's kit.


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