Why use a harness v collar?

Why use a harness v collar?
Through years of training, observation and behavioural analysis it has become apparent that walking a dog on a collar and lead may be detrimental to the dogs health.
The area around a dogs throat is one of the most vulnerable and overlooked parts of its body.
When tightened and pulled, collars twist the neck in an uncomfortable way, and they apply pressure to the windpipe and blood vessels, causing severe discomfort
Dogs with respiratory problems and neck injuries benefit from harnesses because pulling on a collar can provoke coughing.
Collars can cause or aggravate many conditions:
Collapsed Trachea
Thyroid disorders
Negative effects on lymph system, blood flow and neural pathways
Eye problems caused by Intraocular

Unlike a collar our harnesses put no pressure on a dogs throat. They have been designed to distribute the weight of the dog evenly over the harness to help reduce pulling and rubbing. The feeling of security when wearing a soft comfortable and well fitted harness can encourage the dog to walk more calmly and hopefully less stressed. Studies have shown that far from hindering movement, they help animals move ergonomically and comfortably, whilst still being able to be controlled by the humans working beside them.
Front D ring for use with double ended lead
Soft, comfortable and easy to put on and adjustable around the dogs girth

Written by Sarah Jones @ My Anxious Dog