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What if everybody knew what to do when they spot a dog in yellow?

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You probably had never heard of "reactive" dogs or "dogs in yellow" until your own dog began struggling with anxiety or reactivity.

Think back to life before your sensitive soul became part of your world. What did you think when you saw a barking, lunging dog and a frazzled owner desperately trying to control them?

Then one day everything changed.

We wish everybody knew how to make life easier for dogs in yellow,

So through compassionate awareness-raising, through our Yellow Army we will reach more unknowing dog parents, and spread the dogs in yellow understanding far and wide.

Why Yellow?

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Why "yellow" we are often asked?

Yellow is the official warning colour for caution. It is used by police on crime scenes and it is used in building sites when caution is needed.

Yellow is also a colour associated with cowardly, not being brave, jealousy and illness.

A pure Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum.

The human eye processes yellow first.

It’s the colour that captures our attention more than any other colour so it can be seen from a distance and that is why we use yellow.

But it's also a vibrant and warm colour that reflects the love, dedication and bond you hare with your dog.

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How did we get into the world of anxious dogs?

Hi my name is Sarah Jones and I have been providing luxury yellow space awareness products for our anxious dogs for over 8 years in Berkshire.

I currently have 1 dog Bella, an anxious and reactive Cocker Spaniel who is now 9 years old.

Life with a reactive anxious dog is a challenge. I know you're tired of feeling the weight of struggling with your anxious dog. And I know that you'd give anything for others to have just a little understanding.

My Anxious Dog was born late 2012 when I realised Bella was fearful of other dogs running up to her and the looming hand from strangers was particularly distressing for her too, so I needed something that identified she needed space. I was told about the yellow ribbon movement which began in Australia in 2000 by Terry Ryan and it has become a global campaign.

Dogs in yellow do a wonderful job at letting people know from a distance that your dog would like some space.

My biggest thank you is for you being so committed, dedicated and wonderful to your dog.

They don't choose to share this human world with us, and sometimes it isn't an easy task for them.

But you? You make it so much better!

With the growing problem of anxiety in dogs I also formed a support group and it now has over 8000 owners of anxious and reactive dogs that support each other.

It's a safe space to chat about issues with our dogs.

Full of support, understanding and compassion.

All our dogs are different, it's their quirks that make them special. By wearing yellow you are giving your dog a helping hand by helping others to understand.

I see a major difference when Bella wears her yellow. It creates awareness and educates and this has given both of us a greater confidence.

The Yellow Army - where compassion & support joins forces

When you started your anxious dog journey, you may have been lucky enough to stumble across a wonderful community of people who understood you, your dog and all the struggles you face.

All united through their love of their dogs, and the constant battle to gain more understanding from those who don't have a scooby about dog's wearing yellow or needing space.

Through the power of the incredible Yellow Army, we believe with gentle education, life can be easier for everyone.

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